{ Le phare rayonnant de la littérature d'humour }


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A 17 years old music genious from Nantes

Oublié le temps piteux des variètes promotionnées par Nagui et l'émission « Taratata ». Stèle à Daft Punk pour avoir montré le chemin.... lire la suite

Panthera 2006

panthera.jpgFichier audio intégré ► je donne l'ode... lire la suite

Il sont venus, et, tout en galopant, ils

Minimal, dark, sous-marinesque et légèrement dub. Pas désespéré. > dwnld... lire la suite

I am so fr33

I am so fr33dwnld B it 2 WVU's Jerry West (#44) tries to intercept a layup by Adrian Smith lire la suite

RejoyssAnce (A Sketch from Dancefloor

BlanClaB... lire la suite


Slightly metalic but grooving 90's style house tune, including a Piano Theme (respect to Frankie K.), very efficient claps, and a digital beatbox hi-hat. Do not panic : a synth bass makes all the way along with you.... lire la suite


In this tune, we recommend the humain complaint of a bass, some 90's big beat reminiscence, microscopic voice samples. Caution : don't let you put to sleep by the vapidity of the nylon guitar/harpsichord beginning.... lire la suite


Sonic message from a distant underworld, sustained by the rythmic work of close engines, combined with a more human sized and warm-hearted — meanwhile fully sampletic —sax. A piano intermediates between close plan and... lire la suite


Dawn Load... lire la suite


download... lire la suite


... lire la suite

Speed 122 Hop

Accurate and almost natural-like drum sequence, powered by a phat fingerplayed bass. Beware the multieffected breakbeat. Plus expressive, tormented and sometimes cheerful, voices samples. Bonus brass. Only 122 bpm.1999... lire la suite


Moodyman - Freeki Mutha F cker... lire la suite